<ul>        <li><strong>SERVICE:</strong><ul>            <li>SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE... Our <span class="colored-gold">TEAM</span> works for YOU!  We manage every aspect of your promotional needs so you can remain focused on your business!        </li>          </ul>        </li>        <li><strong>EXPERIENCE</strong><ul>            <li>Our <span class="colored-gold">TEAM</span> has over 100 combined years experience in the promotional products industry.</li>          </ul>        </li>        <li><strong>EXCELLENT PRICING:</strong><ul>            <li>Due to our size and ranking in the industry, factories are eager to do business with us and give us preferred pricing which we are able to pass along to our clients.</li>          </ul>        </li>        <li><strong>ADDED VALUES:</strong><ul>            <li>FREE Graphic Design for promotional products.</li>            <li>FREE Warehousing.</li>            <li>FREE Web Store Development.</li>            <li>Orient DIRECT purchasing; we are a direct importer from the Pacific Rim which allows us to offer customization and pricing that large orders warrant.</li>          </ul>        </li>        <li><strong>STRONG BUSINESS PRINCIPLES:</strong><ul>            <li>Staying power; we have been in the industry for 19 years.</li>            <li>Size; we are a big, small company, ranking in the top 5% for sales volume.</li>            <li>Financially sound; we have one of the highest credit ratings possible which allows us to handle orders of any size.</li>          </ul>        </li>        <li><strong>BOTTOM LINE:</strong><ul>            <li>You have the opportunity to work with a well-respected <span class="colored-gold">TEAM</span> that has the experience to understand your business, a <span class="colored-gold">TEAM</span> that will present the best ideas possible and a <span class="colored-gold">TEAM</span> that has the proper infrastructure in place to deliver your orders properly. We are the best <span class="colored-gold">PARTNER</span> you could ask for in helping market your brand, to your high standard. </li>          </ul>        </li>      </ul>


Momentum Marketing Solutions is dedicated to maintaining your brand’s integrity and delivering your order on time and on budget. Whether your company is large or small, our team of creative experts are here to help you develop the best marketing solution.


Momentum Marketing Solutions offers a full range of printed products, including business cards, letterhead, labels, flyers, envelopes, presentation folders and so much more. In most cases we have a 5 day turnaround time but rush orders are always accepted. We have a full time, in-house Graphic Arts department to help with your custom design. We take the vision you provide and bring your item to life.


Our company web stores are built from the ground up, with proprietary software we spent years developing and are continually upgrading as the web changes. These stores are maintained in-house, so we are able to control every aspect, which allows us the flexibility to create custom solutions for each client’s specific needs.


Creative comes in many packages…from recommending the best product available to meet the need of your particular promotion, to our in-house graphic art department that can design a look and feel to help build your brand, to our in-house IT department who makes your web experience exceptional, our team is full of creative people who are eager to present solutions to help your brand be seen in the best light possible.


We are the point of contact for distribution of our clients custom printed products. We ship and receive their merchandise every day for them, with full accountability, creating custom solutions that leave them stress free, so they can focus on their business.


UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE. From the point person on your account, to our in-house art department, to our in-house web department, to a dedicated customer service representative that manages your order from start to finish ensuring everything is done right and on time, to our accounting department and management…everyone on our TEAM is dedicated to making sure that you get the best SERVICE possible to bring the greatest value to your promotional dollar.