Creative comes in many packages…from recommending the best product available to meet the need of your particular promotion, to our in-house graphic art department that can design a look and feel to help build your brand, to our in-house IT department who makes your web experience exceptional, our team is full of creative people who are eager to present solutions to help your brand be seen in the best light possible

<p> We have a full-time in-house graphic art department.  We take the vision the client has and bring to life.  We are able to combine the theme of the promotion to the finished product. Our clients rave about the ease of communication and our ability to take direction.  We are often told how we have exceeded expectations while under tight time and budgetary restrictions. With our knowledge of how things are made and printed, we are able to design to the strengths of the factories to make sure the end product is the best possible.</p>



<p>Our team is constantly seeking out new items by visiting with factories, attending product tradeshows and keeping up with the most current trends via industry publications enabling us to bring you the best options available for your printing needs.</p>



<p>With our proprietary software, reports are available 24/7 which show, tracking information, real time inventory, how the inventory level was achieved by showing not only who used what, how many and when, but also how the merchandise was put into the store all tied together through invoice numbers for checks and balances…these reports are accounting friendly as they are spreadsheet based and are able to be exported as CSV files.</p>