We are the point of contact for distribution of our clients custom printed products. We ship and receive their merchandise every day for them, with full accountability, creating custom solutions that leave them stress free, so they can focus on their business.

We take fulfillment to the fullest level.  We are able to perform every aspect of fulfillment, from receipt of the goods at our warehouse, to maintaining accurate inventories, to shipping of your merchandise in quantities as few as 1 unit per order, we offer custom solutions to your every fulfillment need.



With our proprietary software, reports are available 24/7 which show, tracking information, real time inventory, how the inventory level was achieved by showing not only who used what, how many and when, but also how the merchandise was put into the store all tied together through invoice numbers for checks and balances…these reports are accounting friendly as they are spreadsheet based and are able to be exported as CSV files.



We are able to keep core items in stock by setting automatic reorder thresholds that do not allow the stock to run out…by keeping inventory at appropriate levels through constant monitoring and recommending adjustments as we learn your stocking needs, we are able to make best use of your budget by not having too much in stock, but also by not getting caught off guard that no one recognized that an inventory level was getting low and running out of a key item…you set the levels and we do the rest.



With company owned warehouses we are able to stock and fill orders for staple items on a daily basis…orders in by 2:00 ship the same day when being pulled from stock.



We have a full time, in-house IT department.  We manage our client’s products through the functionality of the processes we have in place for distribution.